to know everything about a person

i have always tried to learn so many sides of a person in the very first meeting.

their origin,

their interest,

their sexual orientation etc..

so many people feel awkward to reveal their sexuality if they do not belong to the traditional method of revelation.

people would like to open up or not ? it’s a big question in my mind whenever i meet a new person.

i have asked myself number of times if the person in front of me has made sexual relationship with more than one partner or haven’t made any attempt at all.



importance of school education

It’s  always remained a big question to me.

Is it important to get admission in the school to learn how to read and write?

I believe that i can teach myself how to read and write to any person of any age and would like to give as much time to make it happen. It really doesn’t require any school or any formal institute to teach reading or writing skills…..


about CNN HERO 2010

its good that Mrs Anuradha Koirala has bagged this year’s CNN HERO award. what i believe that her efforts to stop girls trafficking would be more effective if she makes a statement like ” everyone in this world should think that women are no more the objects that are made for men but a strength to the men who can equally support them physically, mentally and emotionally.”